Question 1: Tell us about yourself?

Answer 1: I was born and raised in Biratnagar, Nepal. I was educated in Nepal, Russia.

                I worked as a producer of children educational programs for NTV, Nepal.

                I also worked in USA as a teacher.

 Question 2: What brought you back to Nepal although you have lived in USA for decades?


Answer 2:  I always wanted to help kids. I saw destitute kids of Nepal during my frequent visits to Nepal, who touched my heart. Many kids of Nepal do not have good childhood and cannot even afford to go to school. These are the main reasons , I am organizing the schoolnepal to help those kids.


Question 3: You are one of the good examples of NRN (Non Resident Nepalese) of Nepal.

                What message you want to send to Nepalese living abroad?


Answer 3: NRN is doing well bringing investment in Nepal. In my opinion NRN shall focus on charity also.       There shall be chapter for charity, which will help needy kids of Nepal. I am opening door for NRN in my organization. Please feel free to contact me via my website. My site address is, which is still underconstructions.

I am grateful to those who are helping me. That includes